Talks of IWAAP 2017

SpeakerTitle of the Talk
Vivek DatarFrom Kolar Gold Fields To India based Neutrino Observatory
Nathaniel BowdenIntroduction to the 2017 IWAAP: Progress and Perspectives
Umasankari KannanAn overview of nuclear reactor facilities in India
Nathaniel BowdenPROSPECT: The Precision Reactor Oscillation and Spectrum Experiment
Pawan Kumar NetrakantiStatus of ISMRAN Experiment
Kyohei NakajimaStatus of reactor neutrino monitor developments in Japan
Anatolii SerebrovCurrent results of Neutrino+AC0-4 experiment
Jason NewbyThe COHERENT Experiment at the Spallation Neutron Source
Vivek SharmaStatus of Neutrino+AC0-Nucleus Coherent Elastic Scattering measurement from TEXONO
Thomas RinkThe CONUS experiment +AC0- Measuring COherent elastic Neutrino nUcleus Scattering at reactor site
Hyunkwan SeoNew results from RENO
Yoomin OhStatus of NEOS
Will Hogan FlanaganSearching for a unified reactor antineutrino monitoring recipe
Rachel CarrAn Evaluation of Seismically+AC0-Cued Antineutrino Detection for Nuclear Weapon Test Monitoring
Michael LeytonProspects for reactor monitoring with antineutrino detectors
S. UmasankarNeutrino Mass Model
Carl MetelkoVIDARR+AC0-Above Ground Reactor Monitoring with Antineutrinos
Adam BernsteinWATCHMAN: A demonstration of Remote Reactor Monitoring with Gadolinium Doped Water Detectors
Christian RocaSearch for eV Sterile Neutrinos +AC0- The STEREO Experiment
Camillo MarianiCHANDLER Experiment
Gobinda MajumderStatus of the India Based Neutrino Observatory
Satyajit SahaScintillator based Dark Matter Search Experiment: An Indian initiative
Adam BernsteinThose pesky neutrinos+ADs- are they good for anything at all+ACE- (Evening Lecture)
Adam BernsteinApplied Antineutrino Physics (Conference Summary)